Angelica is Proud and <3 Hers!

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Hello hello hello! It’s another Monday over here at BOOBIES.COM! Just settled in, lol had a really fun weekend.

I get a good amount of submissions per week. Some of the gals say briefly why they submitted and why they want to volunteer. Some girls just send them in. Others tell us their inspiring stories.

A new volunteer to the site, Angelica, lol tells why she is very proud of her breasts.

First, I loveeeeeeee your cause. It’s different! And as narcissistic as it sounds, I love my breasts. Growing up I used to get made fun of a lot for how big they were. I developed pretty early, around 10. Because of how much I got bullied, I never felt comfortable in my own skin and I wished mine weren’t so big. Once I got into college (I’m 20 now), it sunk in that they are a part of me. And I SHOULD be proud of them because they are MINE. So to all girls who are insecure about how small or big they are, it doesn’t matter. They are you, so love yourself :) Oh! And I did read on that article you posted on your Facebook about how squeezing them can prevent Breast Cancer. I don’t know if that study is for sure, but lol i’m doing it anyway!”

Lol! Squeeze away! Cause I’ve been doing it daily myself ever since I read that article! Thank you thank you thank for sharing your submission to us, Angelica! LOL you really made my day!

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  1. show me ur big busty tities

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